Monday, November 5, 2007


hi friends,

posting the solution tomorrow.Send your replies soon.

Friday, October 12, 2007

puzzle 3


Identify the connect along with the clues.

1. Ray Charles

2. Stomach Ailment

3. Badshah

Remember,the early bird catches the worm.So hurry.

rahul j.

solution to puzzle 2

dear friends,

here is the solution to puzzle 2. the connect is the movie, 'The Bridge on the
River Kwai' .

1. Sri Lanka --- the film was mostly shot in Sri Lanka though it was set in

2. L & T --- the bridge that is blown at the end was actually built by L&T.

3. famous march tune --- the Colonel Bogie march tune which is played in the

one point to Sanjay for identifying the L&T bit right.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Puzzle two

Hi friends. Here is puzzle 2.

Decipher the clues and find out the connect.

clue 1 ---- Sri Lanka

clue 2 ---- L & T

clue 3 ---- famous march tune

This is an absolute laddu,sandesh or whatever. Grab it with both
hands and emulate Kumarika.Remember,only the first correctly
deciphered clues and the connect get the points.

All the best.


Saturday, October 6, 2007


Oops. A small typo. Please read the first clue in puzzle one as McDonald's.

Puzzle one

Here is the first puzzle. All the three clues lead to personalities.
Identify them and the connect. It is a real freebie to start with.

first clue ---- Mcdonalds

second clue ---- Unity

third clue ---- Jaan Tere Naam

Post your answers before 7 pm, 9th Oct. Common,start solving now.


I will give you a new puzzle every three days. The rules now.

1. Each puzzle will have three clues.The three clues lead to a common connect. One point for
each clue deciphered and two points for the connect. So you stand to gain a maximum of
five points per puzzle.

2. Comments are welcome, but the puzzle master's decision will be final. Solve the puzzles
with a cup of coffee for quick thinking.